Where can I find apparel with handmade art for auto enthusiasts, tuner, and gearheads alike that is ethically-made?!

It all started with this simple question! Hello, I'm Daniel, the creator of GearD Apparel. I've been hand-drawing automotive art for decades, and you can view some of my work below. Once the technology improved, I moved toward digital rendering, but the whole time, I always thought it'd be neat to have my artwork on my own clothing!

But, it is no secret that much of our clothing is often made with less-than-humane practices. So, when I set out to design my own clothing, I made it foundational for my apparel to be ethically-made. Thus, the clothing you see here is constructed in the USA by American Apparel! Check them out!

Now, while my clothing if often printed in the USA as well, with a focus on sustainable printing methods, it may sometimes be printed outside of the USA, for example, in places around Europe. Personally, I’m okay with that because I try my best to do due diligence to learn about the whole production process. If I find it to be ethical and humane, I’m in, and I hope you’re cool with that too!


So, thanks for taking the time to learn about GearD, and before you go, please enjoy some of my art! I'll post new renders regularly, so, check back often! Thanks for visiting!

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